What Do These “American Nationalist” MAGApedes Even Want?

Despite having an extremely busy couple of weeks, I’ve been trying my best to follow the Hard-Right/American Nationalist debate raging across social media – it seems to flare up once a month or so.

Now, the Hard Right position has consistently been that America as we know and understand it is dead – a rotting corpse that is just as irretrievable as the Roman Republic was at the end of the 1st century BC.

On the other side, all I’ve been able to observe is a mixture of ad hominem attacks (muh goon squads), and references to how the Founding Fathers of this country were hardcore White Supremacists according to modern standards – some were actually quite liberal for the times.

So I guess I’m left wondering just what exactly these American Nationalists wish to achieve in the long term – we desire some sort of partition from the ruins of the United States’ carcass.

An Easy Road To Victory Electorally

We tried to give Donald Trump and the Civic Nationalists a chance (I personally put thousands of hours of manpower into the Campaign), but once again we were snubbed, smacked around, and dragged through the dirt like a cheap hooker working a ghetto street corner.

And while some on the Hard Right have expressed remorse at having fought so hard during the last few years, I still believe that our effort was beneficial – we got to learn beyond all doubt that in modern America, elections only serve to aid corporate entities and Jewish donors at the expense of the White working class.

It seems obvious to us (I’m sick of the childish 4-D chess nonsense), but yet American Nationalists still seem convinced that we’ll be able to sit back, post a few memes, and wake up on a sunny day with Negroes and Hispanics crammed into cattle cars and Jews being dragged into planes bound for an Israel on the cusp of nuclear annihilation.

There may have once been a time in which this would have been possible, but I would have thought it obvious that certain (((powers))) have learned from previous events – through trial and error over the years, they have made the system rigged to the point that a Nationalist surge could never succeed on Capitol Hill.

A Normie Storm Of Unprecedented Scale

We’ve touched on this quite a bit since last summer – the average normie is a man or woman in the upper middle class that has literally no sense of identity aside from extreme individualistic consumerism.

At the moment, the life of the normie is too comfortable to risk any sort of deviation from the status quo drafted up by the Jewish intellectual and media elite – they understand fully that careers and savings accounts can be broken in the span of minutes for even the slightest transgression or sign of racial consciousness.

It’ll likely remain this way for many years to come – our only converts from this sector are going to be those who lose everything due to outsourcing, layoffs, financial crashes, or the rapid enrichment of their communities, and besides, at that point you’re not talking about a normie anymore.

American Nationalists seem to hold the view that if they pull the same failed tricks as dog-whistling Conservatives of the past, or if they make sure to wave an American flag and hold a copy of the Constitution while demanding that we stop these Kikes, then they’ll at last drag the normie away from his sheltered life of gated communities, all-White Little League teams, and Sunday Prosperity Gospel.

Again, not going to work barring some sort of divine miracle – many of these people forget that before the Daily Stormer, you had IRL groups working with similar beliefs (sometimes openly, sometimes behind closed doors) among upper middle class folks that still possessed a semi-uniform culture, and an awareness of the Jewish Problem (especially in places like the Northeast).

They all failed to put the (((cancer))) into remission.

A Return To A Now-Buried America

History teaches us that nothing is eternal.

Empires decline and fall, governments collapse, people die, religions vanish, and philosophies become watered down, get forgotten, and are rediscovered in a cycle that can span thousands of years.

Even something like National Socialism (which the Hard Right tends to be sympathetic towards) is not exclusive to the Third Reich (Plato’s Republic and Caesar’s vision of Rome were quite similar when studied), and even if Germany had won the Second World War, NS would have eventually fallen.

Therefore, it stands to reason that we would not want to directly resurrect something that had collapsed for whatever reason(s), but would only want to learn from the past, take the best attributes of fallen eras and philosophies, and create something new that would hopefully hold out longer and stand stronger than its predecessors.

Now, I could be wrong here, but it seems as if a good number of American Nationalists do not wish to do anything but bring back a time period that is now lost to the mists of time.

Do they want the 1980’s America?

Probably not – this was a time that saw degenerates perfect mainlining cocaine, and a half-senile President start the nightmare amnesty cycle.

Maybe the 1950’s?

Better times, definitely, but still an era that had the seeds of decay already planted – it was just the strength of the White American and his Christian beliefs that made the rot take so long to manifest itself.

How about the 1920’s?

This was a more decent era than the above two, and was arguably the height of the United States in terms of racial awareness, wariness towards the Biological Jew, and peace between regions of the country that were more often than not at each other’s throats.

Problem is that to try to bring this society back from the dead, you would have to utilize measures that are far more hardcore than anything an American Nationalist would consent to.

You would have to shred a good chunk of the modern Constitution, literally break the Blacks, shatter clusters of Hispanics ranging from Washington State, to Massachusetts, to rural Alabama, and deal with the Jews in a way that I don’t see possible other than awe-inspiring treason trials that would be broadcast night and day for months at a time.

The sheer nature of the struggle would unravel America as we know it, and would likely lead to a Hard Right-style partition due to the levels of resistance that would be encountered – this scenario does not even take into account our foreign policy, trade entanglements, collapsing infrastructure, and governmental system that is more skewed towards donors and lobbyists than ever before.

Oh, and the 20’s also featured some serious “goon squads” – including (allegedly) the God Emperor’s own father.

I’m trying to say all these things because I truly wish to debate the other side in a way that might see us reach some sort of common understanding that would prevent future disagreements and infighting.

Maybe, just maybe, articles like this could help to bring everything together in a way that would make true debate possible.

Source: Occidental Dissent

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