Reminder: Just Because High School Students Survived a Tragedy…

Reminder: Just Because High School Students Survived a Tragedy Doesn’t Make Them Instant Experts on Complex Policy Issues +Videos

The latest tactic of the “mob rule” Left is to puppeteer high school students, parading them in front of cameras as “experts” on gun control and the Second Amendment, all while rehearsing scripted talking points with them to make sure they stay on point.

The puppeteers, of course, are all the same anti-America, anti-Trump, anti-Constitution left-wing radicals who promote communism, open borders and mass abortions. These are people who believe the only thing wrong with the murder of high school students in Florida is that they weren’t young enough. Had those same children been murdered during a partial child birth, such acts of violence would be widely celebrated by the murderous abortion industry as “women’s rights.” (Many Leftists even believe in “post-birth abortion,” which means they think parents should have the right to kill their babies up to five years after they are born.)

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Source: News To Me

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