NRA Under Attack by Socialist Enlisted School Seniors, ‘Deep…

NRA Under Attack by Socialist Enlisted School Seniors, ‘Deep State’ Collusion – Videos

The march on Washington by thousands of high school seniors and juniors next month is an attempt to send a message to all lawmakers that “if you support the NRA, you will be voted-out this November.”

The organizing (behind the scenes) to enlist graduating seniors this year to vote for Democrats….most will be 18 years old before November, is a weaponized effort by the “Deep State” to use the Parkland Shooting as the basis for Democrat support to take-back Congress and eventually impeach President Trump while advancing full blown gun confiscation by eating away the 2nd amendment with bits and pieces of legislation over the next few years.

Grant it….the absurdity to allow an 18 year old to buy an AR15 rifle and receive a background check clearance within minutes while a handgun requires the buyer to be 21 and must wait 3 days for a clearance, however….THAT’S NOT THE ISSUE for making schools safer !

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Source: News To Me

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