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If America Was Bamboozled: Florida School Shooting Report Crisis Drills, Multiple Shooters +Videos

I don’t want to labor the issue about the Florida shooting as being nothing more than a psychotic lone gunman versus a “Deep State” operation false flag we have warned everyone about a couple weeks ago when Dems warned Americans that by releasing the “FISA Memo” there would be “mass shootings and possible Oklahoma style bombings,” but since we’re in a psychological war between truth and fiction, it is easy to fall prey to rumors from both sides meant to confuse and spin whatever the truth might be. Therefore….(WE) must consider the obvious and partially rely on eye witness reports, now being censored as always.

Credible news teams at the scene, on that dreadful day, two in particular are being censored. We in the Liberty Movement are lucky enough to see both sides of the news and in most cases can effectively determine which side is lying, or scripted by unknown sources, because one side has an agenda and the other side only wants the truth.

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