Ami Horowitz Proves Snowflakes Are Really Communists

Ami Horowitz

Ami Horowitz is fantastic! Check out this man on the street effort to see how much snowflakes know about what they profess to support. Have the Democrats gone so far to the left that they can’t tell the difference between their party platform and that of the communists? It’s an eyeopener!

If you haven’t seen Ami Horowitz before, he has a fantastic video about sharia law in America:

Ami Horowitz hits the streets of Minnesota to find out if the Somali Muslims there understand that American law is the only law. They don’t get it and say that they prefer Sharia law. Do you think that if we keep bringing over thousands and thousands of Muslims that they will want to keep our law? Think about it…

Dana Loesch speaks with the filmmaker Ami Horowitz:

Source: 100 Percent

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