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Did FBI Ignore Fusion’s Missing Credibility?

A popular weekly television show, running from 1957-1963, was the Western “Have Gun, Will Travel.” Its star was a hired gun named “Paladin.” But he was not your typical hired gun. Paladin was driven by a moral compass that had him fighting for truth and justice.

Fusion GPS, the company brought into the spotlight as a result of allegations collusion occurred between presidential candidate Donald Trump and Russia, is – in reality – also a hired gun. However, it is driven by a much different compass, one unaffected either by truth or justice. Its compass seems to have but one direction – oriented toward liberally minded clients who “show it the money.”

One critic of the FBI’s performance leading up to the appointment of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller doubts the agency was “out to get Trump” although its “conduct was certainly questionable.” But such a conclusion falls short if one considers what the FBI knew or, based on its vast investigative capabilities to so discover, should have known about Fusion but opted not to consider.

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