Mitt Romney Announces Senate Run

I’ve been called a “black-piller.”

This is because I have accepted the fact that reforming the Republican Party is impossible. In the last year alone, we have seen the destruction of Steve Bannon, the destruction of Roy Moore by the Republican establishment, the complete and total capture of the Trump presidency by mainstream conservatism and now we are about to get Sen. Mitt Romney:

Since I have embraced my role as the bearer of bad news, I will say it again: the Republican Party hasn’t changed, shows no sign of changing and has even embraced Antifa:

There is no place for us in the Republican Party. These people boast that they don’t represent us and that Antifa are heroes. We are squandering our time, energy and votes on these people. We are like a thirsty man in a desert chasing the mirage of an oasis. We have to look elsewhere.

Note: If this scares you, roll up that comfort blanket and convince yourself that having Mitt Romney in the Senate is a 4D Chess move and that he is our secret friend.

Source: Occidental Dissent

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