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Dem’s Attempt to Change Course of US History Falling Apart Daily +Videos

The Dem’s attempt to change the course of American history is falling apart daily and that’s because the push by patriots in the Liberty Movement, putting pressure on congress to act now, backing-up President Trump, supporting the initiative that will eventually bring-down the top players of numerous scandals never seen in the history of the United States, will eventually reach the maximum boiling point. When that happens, we can expect all hell to break loose in America by Clinton loyalists and paid actors.

The Clinton crimes since Arkansas is now haunting them like never before and we owe it all to Julian Assange (Wikileaks). More though….thanks to DNC Staffer Seth Rich and his brave and deadly transfer of emails on a thumb drive to Assange. His murder will be vindicated and we hope soon….

In coming days, it is speculated that Huma Abedin, Hillary’s close confidante and (lover), will be forced to tell everything she knows and her testimony alone will drive the final nail of justice in Hillary’s coffin.

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