Judge Napolitano Slams Susan Rice’s Timing Of Suspicious Message She Wrote To Herself

Judge Napolitano Slams Susan Rice

Susan Rice wrote an email on the day of President Trump’s inauguration defending Obama from legal scrutiny. Judge Napolitano went on Fox News and explained what the message really means.

“Only one person could have told her to write the email and she keeps falling on her sword for him. Remember when she went all over the networks with the crazy narrative about Benghazi, was caused by a video? We know that’s not true. And the comments she made about Bergdahl serving with honor and that’s not true. But these things were stated to back up statements previously made by her boss Barack Obama,” said Nap.

He was asked why Rice would write such an email.

“It might be an incredible sense of loyalty to him. She apparently was a participant at that meeting. So now the question arises, what was agreed to at the meeting?” asked Nap.

“There’s so many moving parts to all this. We’ve been doing this stuff for about four weeks in a row. Every week more just keeps coming out. It becomes more and more apparent that there was a group of people in the federal government using the machinery of government to frustrate Donald Trump becoming president,” he said. Check out the video below.

Source: Conservative 101

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