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Senate Homeland Security Committee Releases Report on FBI Investigation Into Hillary Clinton +Videos

Was it the thing to do by the Clinton camp to indirectly have Justice Scalia taken-out in-order to have an open door for a Loretta Lynch appointment to SCOTUS in exchange for exonerating Hillary Clinton with the idea she would be president?

Emails and texts surfacing are now hitting THEM square in-the-face, showing a conspiracy beyond anyone’s imagination.

We are now learning and confirming why President Trump made the statement that he would “not pursue a Hillary Clinton investigation” BECAUSE he knew the cabal and their partisan investigators and committees would cause an investigation….now revealed as being well underway. They basically dug their own hole and now will pay the price. This is classic Trump poker at it’s best !

We’ve discussed the “Sting Operation” and the “National Emergency / Executive Order” signed by President Trump December 21st 2017 and the rising amount of sealed indictments , now over 9,000 and counting. This has been in the works (we believe) as early as President Trump’s first month in office.

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