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Spying on Americans Tops Anything Soviet KGB Ever Did When their Own Citizens were Targets +Videos

The FISA Court was developed in 1978 in-order to wiretap foreign spies inside and outside the United States. The FBI is the main source for gaining a wiretap warrant from the secret court that has now become the focus of illegal actions by the FBI to spy on a political rival, based-on a fake Russian Dossier, created solely and paid for by Hillary Clinton.

Edward Snowden, now in exile in Russia, exposed the abuses by NSA to collect mega-data of every person in the United States with the help of Verizon and later Google.

DNI Director James Clapper lied to congress that NSA “does not spy on Americans without a FISA Warrant” and because of Snowden’s revelations, “National Security is at stake, hampering the NSA to (basically) do their job” (to violate every aspect of why we have the 4th amendment.)

To the amazement of most Americans, we learned that everything we do is being monitored, while others welcome mass surveillance because “it keeps us safe from terrorist acts,” another fallacy of National Security perpetuated by the Bush “Patriot Act” written and ready to go before 9/11.

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