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Trumpocalypse: FBI, The Globalist Coup Against Donald Trump

The clear majority of the mainstream media in true Orwellian form is attempting to change the consciousness of the American people regarding the truth of the FBI memo by using the Alice in Wonderland logic of the Mad Hatter.

The simple truth appears to be that high-level members of the Department of Justice like special counsel Robert Mueller, ousted FBI Director James Comey, FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein misled the FISA court by failing to state a conflict of interest, and that the primary source of the Trump-Russia collusion dossier was created by former British Intelligence officer Christopher Steele who hated President Donald Trump and was hired in part by the DNC to destroy and even impeach Trump.

According to The Washington Post, it was the FBI itself that authorized payments to Steele for work on the dossier. Both top FBI and DOJ officials knew the political origins of the dossier. The FBI like the CIA is just one part of what is known as the Deep State.

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