Was it the thing to do by the Clinton camp to indirectly have Justice Scalia taken-out in-order to have an open door for a Loretta Lynch appointment to SCOTUS in exchange for exonerating Hillary Clinton with the idea she would be president?

Emails and texts surfacing are now hitting THEM square in-the-face, showing a conspiracy beyond anyone’s imagination.

We are now learning and confirming why President Trump made the statement that he would “not pursue a Hillary Clinton investigation” BECAUSE he knew the cabal and their partisan investigators and committees would cause an investigation….now revealed as being well underway. They basically dug their own hole and now will pay the price. This is classic Trump poker at it’s best !

We’ve discussed the “Sting Operation” and the “National Emergency / Executive Order” signed by President Trump December 21st 2017 and the rising amount of sealed indictments , now over 9,000 and counting. This has been in the works (we believe) as early as President Trump’s first month in office.

We know the sealed indictments are not limited to the pedophilia network that spans the world and is the number one craving and financial money laundering operations through child trafficking involving the globalist elites and the Clintons / Podesta criminals, but also includes thousands of MS-13 gangsters in America, and in other countries, considered a National Security threat. MS-13 have proven to be the weaponized gang for the “Deep State” to transfer weapons to terrorist organizations, the alleged murder of DNC Staffer Seth Rich, and human and drug trafficking.

Basically…the entire actions by those facing prison soon are all connected one way or another. Just as al Qaida and ISIS were the puppets of both the Bush and Obama Administrations, the MS-13 thugs from El Salvador are the puppets of the “Deep State.” One clue…just notice on any given day, on any corporate fakestream media network, or White House Press briefing, the question / comments are always related to the “targeting of DACA / Dreamers” and by going after MS-13 will appear to be involving and stigmatizing the public into believing that “all illegal aliens are dangerous.”

Keeping Trump from building the Border Wall is not a funding issue, but interferes with MS13 human trafficking to continue building the political voting foundation of the Democrat Party by sympathetic Hispanic groups that need their legal citizens to stay focused on immigration amnesty for their brethren. THEY cannot afford to have Republicans (via Trump) to be the sole provider for DACA / Dreamers which can cause a paradigm political shift in America.

There’s a ton of money that could be lost by banks, businesses and the Hispanic community that sends a good portion of their income back to Mexico and other Latin American countries if the border is secured. The influx of drugs into the United States keep communities on welfare, destroys the inner cities, and encourages support for big government and gun control initiatives. In a nut shell….the Dems have lost all their power and control and are desperate to do whatever it takes to take-back America for themselves without consideration to security, prosperity and a new way of life in America.

The battle is on against the Trump Administration, but the house of cards is falling fast….

“It’s not over until the fat lady sings” is coming along nicely with today’s latest release of an important document that fingers Hillary Clinton and Obama.

The FBI are currently in “Damage Control” to save their image as a creditable law enforcement agency that has been hijacked by the Clintons, Obama and the DNC for political advantage over Candidate Trump and lately President Trump. Things are about to take a major turn as the FBI is about to indict some very high profile criminals. But before that happens….the weaponized MS-13 thugs must be rounded-up ASAP, which is underway as we speak.

I am hearing personal reports where this is happening now in places you’d never expect, like Minot North Dakota of all places, happening today following yesterday’s White House Briefing.

Trump’s supporters are beginning to see the fruits of their hard work to make it happen.

Source: News To Me

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