Melania Trump Proves That She Is A Fantastic FIRST LADY!



This morning, amid the Democrats doing everything they can to deflect away from the memo that exposed their massive corruption, the media used First Lady Melania Trump as yet another decoy, and what they did to her is absolutely disgusting.

While Michelle Obama took on a bit of criticism from the right, it was absolutely nothing in comparison to what’s been happening to Melania, who represents the epitome of the American Dream after legally immigrating here from Slovenia in search of success, finding it, then going on to become the First Lady — something she never in her wildest dreams imagined — is absolutely disgusting, and the left should be damn ashamed of themselves for it.

I’m sure you all remember the so-called “scandal” about Stormy Daniels, an American porn star who’s been alleged of having an affair with the President while he was married to Melania – a story both Trump and Daniels deny – yet the media continues to perpetuate. Well, rather than accepting the truth – both Daniels and Trump say the affair never happened, they’re using the salacious story to attack Melania, and it’s absolutely disgusting.

According to the Daily Mail, on Sunday, prior to the Super Bowl, a group of college cheerleaders performed for the President and his wife outside of the Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach because, well, it was the biggest day in football for the year and having college cheerleaders show off their skills to the President on that day was quite the honor for the team. However, the Daily Mail is attempting to use a single photo of Melania, which was likely captured on accident by a photog using a camera that shoots at insane speeds, to say that Melania is still mad at Trump over the Daniels ordeal.

The publication went on to mention that the pair haven’t been seen together much lately, and even claimed that the fact they arrived at the State of the Union Address meant their marriage is on the rocks.

Check it out:

The first couple have rarely been seen together since allegations emerged that Donald Trump paid porn star Stormy Daniels $130,000, in the run up to the 2016 presidential election, to keep quiet about their alleged affair.

Their alleged sexual encounter occurred just four months after Melania would have given birth to their son, Barron. The White House has denied the allegations.

Since the news broke last month, Melania pulled out of a trip to accompany her husband to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland at the last minute. Instead, she chose to fly down to Mar-a-Lago for just over one day.

She later joined Trump for his State of Union address last week but she broke with tradition by choosing to arrive independently from her husband.

This is total hogwash and more fake news from the fake news media.

First off, Melania didn’t go out of her way to upset Trump by arriving to the SOTU separately, she did it because she had invited numerous guests and she wanted to honor them by arriving with them. Secondly, she had a schedule change that didn’t allow her to make it to the World Economic forum with her husband.

So again, the fake news media has created a fake narrative, and now they’re using circular reporting to keep it going, all in an effort to make the President look bad. Meanwhile, the real victim in all of this is Melania herself.

So much for all that leftist empowering women and stuff, eh?

The people doing this are absolutely disgusting. Thank God Melania has more strength in her pinky than any of the leftists trying to smear her and Trump, so she can take the abuse, even though the abuse is absolutely unnecessary.

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