Adam Schiff Predicts Possible Large Scale Bomb Hitting America Because Of FISA Memo

During an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, California representative Adam Schiff suggested that the release of the FISA Memo could lead to another Oklahoma city bombing. “You know, you talked about this strategy to discredit the Mueller investigation. Is it working?” asked Stephanopoulos.

“Well, I don’t think it’s working in the sense that people have a lot of confidence in Bob Mueller. But it is impeaching the FBI,” claimed Schiff.

“And the problem with this, and this is I think at the heart of the department’s concern–is if you have a neighbor who’s buying fertilizer, lots of fertilizer, but has no yard and you have concerns about it and you want to call the FBI, you’re now going to wonder ‘Is that FBI going to hold my name in confidence or this information in confidence, what if this becomes politicized?’ Sources are going to dry up because of what the Republicans on this committee are doing now,” said Schiff.

This is a clear reference to the 1997 Oklahoma city bombing that killed 168 people. The bomb was created using forty 50-pound bags of ammonium nitrate fertilizer.

“There’s a compact between our committee and the intelligence community. You give us your deepest held secrets, we will hold them in good confidence, we won’t abuse them, they’re going to share a lot less with us now and other sources of information are going to decide not to share with the FBI because they can’t rely on our committee not to be partisan in the handling of that information, and that’s a deep disservice which ultimately makes the country less safe,” said Schiff. Check out the video below.

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