Casey Gillespie Reprimanded After Comments About Running Over Antifa Protesters

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We have people EVERYWHERE. Take note.


A sergeant in the Tennessee State Guard has been reprimanded after engaging in a conversation on social media alluding to running over anti-fascist activists with a military cargo truck.


It would literally be hard to miss this one

The Tennessee Department of Military confirmed that Casey Gillespie, who apparently took part in the public discussion with another man on Gillespie’s personal Facebook page, remains a sergeant in the volunteer arm of the department.

As he should be. Sgt. Gillespie was obviously just referring to Tennessee’s proposed legislation SB0944:

Tennessee General Assembly

Tort Liability and Reform – As introduced, provides civil immunity for the driver of an automobile who injures a protester who is blocking traffic in a public right-of-way if the driver was exercising due care. – Amends TCA Title 19; Title 20; Title 29, Chapter 34; Title 54 and Title 55.

Looks like they are “blocking traffic in a public right-of-way” to me

Currently, SB 944 is awaiting the approval of the Senate Judiciary Committee. It is the urgent wish of this author that the State Bill pass immediately before the next antifa rally.

Back to Sgt Gillespie in the Tennessean:

Screenshots posted online by Nashville Antifa show Gillespie posting about the anti-fascist group’s Jan. 3 clothing and food distribution initiative in downtown Nashville, apparently warning others to look out for the group.

“Antifa in downtown Nashville on Capital Blvd.,” Gillespie wrote. “Theres (sic) not many of them. Stay Safe!”

Another man commented soon after, “Man I wish I could drive my deuce and a half LOL,” referring to a military cargo truck.

Gillespie replied that he had seen no counterprotesters.

“I wouldn’t be counterprotesting I’ll be looking for blocked streets LOL,” his friend wrote.

“That deuce could drive on through!” Gillespie replied.

Damn right it could.

Nothing says, “Viva la Revolucion!” like Old Navy and pastel

It is the sincere wish of this author that all Tennessee State Guardsmen travel in Deuce and a Half Trucks at all times. You never know when antifa might try to, “block traffic in a public right of way.”

Antifa trans-ponies better stick to the sidewalks lol,

JC Hinson

Source: Occidental Dissent

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