Florida League of the South Holds Sovereignty Rally In Tallahassee, FL

Florida League of the South

The Florida League of the South held a Restore State Sovereignty rally this morning at the Old State Capitol Building in Tallahassee, FL. Around 30 League members squared off against 100 counter-protesters. State police kept both sides separated. Unlike Charlottesville, there appears to have been no violence or issues when police are allowed to do their jobs.

There have been two League of the South rallies at this location before. The first was an anti-Marco Rubio rally on March 10, 2014. The second was the Reds Out Of Florida rally on April 18, 2015. The League of the South also put up a SECEDE billboard on Apalachee Parkway in February 2014. The Florida League of the South has been active in and around Tallahassee for years now.

LS Chief of Staff Michael Tubbs describes the event:

“The rally was part of a multi-pronged campaign for Florida sovereignty which also includes visiting our state legislators in their offices this month and delivering Florida League documents regarding sovereignty for the state and the display of our state flag and preference over the federal flag.

There were a a minimum of 28 people on the side of League present today. Opposition included members of the students for a Democratic Society, New Black Panther Party, and Antifa, and other assorted communist trash. There was an incredibly heavy police presence by the Tallahassee Capitol Police of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Leon County Sheriff’s Office, and Florida Highway Patrol. All of the police were very friendly to us and though I would not say they were on our side they were certainly very accommodating and knew who their future enemies on the street would be. Law enforcement was very friendly to us and very helpful.

There was no violence today. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to use our flag poles to display our flags or bring anything else in that could be construed as a weapon. Lawful concealed carry license holders were allowed to carry concealed during the demonstration and there were several of our members who did.

The enemy forces occupied the front of the Capitol building before we were able to get there and claimed the choice real estate at the intersection of Monroe Street and Apalachee Parkway. Our position was not as good as we would have liked to have. We were not allowed to distribute literature to the motorist stopped at the intersection. We were told that if we attempted to we would be arrested for entering the traffic. They told us it was a safety concern.

One of the funniest incidents to occur was when one of our members took the bullhorn and started explaining to the opposition what the League of the South really believed in. All of a sudden their head started nodding in agreement and people started looking back and forth at each other like what the hell is this we didn’t know this. When one of the opposition members went to raise his bullhorn to shout us down a couple of members raise their hands to him like like, hold on, we want to hear this. Before long we were actually able to have a dialogue with the enemy and allowed each other to speak with each other back and forth. It was quite hilarious.”

The Opposition

There has been three events so far in January 2018 thanks to Billy Roper of Shieldwall Network (Memphis)Matthew Heimbach of Traditionalist Worker Party (Knoxville) and Michael Hill of League of the South (Tallahassee). January is normally a quiet winter month. Activism normally doesn’t heat up until spring. The Hard Right is off to an early start this year.

Source: Occidental Dissent

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