Schumer Announces Democrats Will Still Beat Trump On DACA When He Releases Mysterious Photos

Schumer was completely beaten and humiliated after his government shutdown. He accomplished nothing other than showing that he cares more about illegals than Americans. However, in an interview with Rachel Maddow, Schumer tried to make it seem like he accomplished something, and that he could still win with DACA is the nation sees ‘pictures’ of people being deported.

“All of us in the Democratic caucus, not just the moderates, but the liberals as well, came to the view that if we carried it on much longer, two things would happen: A. No one would budge. The public would lose support of the shutdown. The public does not like shutdowns. And we’d actually lose support for DREAMers, too. Because people love the DREAMers, but don’t want the government shut down for it. So, we cut the best deal that we could,” said Schumer.

“If the Senate passes the bill and it’s bipartisan, there may be enough moderate and mainstream Republicans in the House … who will feel they have to come across, particularly if these sons of guns wait until after March 5,” said Schumer.

Then came talk of these mysterious pictures. “And I think, God forbid, but the pictures of people being deported will rally the nation, and these more mainstream Republicans admittedly, not a majority of the Republican Party, but enough when they add them to Democrats, could pass the bill,” said Schumer.

“And then you have the whimsical — that’s a kind word — Donald Trump. He may wake up one morning and say, ‘get this bill done.’ We’re still in play. We’re in better shape than we were five days ago,” said Schumer. All we will see in those photos are people breaking the law being punished for it.

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