The Sinking of the FBIJ. Edgar Hoover must be turning in his…

The Sinking of the FBI

J. Edgar Hoover must be turning in his grave at what is happening to his venerable FBI.  Then again, given Hoover’s own proclivities to abuse his powers as the director of that agency, perhaps the predicament in which the bureau finds itself is a natural stage of evolution on an arc of governmental hubris.

It’s increasingly clear that the FBI is taking on water at an accelerating rate as new revelations come, fast and furious, in the political scandals engulfing Washington.  This week, for example, we see two adolescent-minded senior FBI officials, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, involved in virtually all aspects of the Hillary Clinton email server investigation and the Donald Trump “Russian collusion” (or is it “obstruction of justice” now?) investigation, acting like hormone-fueled high school lovers, discussing a “secret society” of Trump-haters one day after President Trump’s remarkable election.  We learned of this only because two patriotic congressmen, representatives Trey Gowdy and John Ratcliffe, former federal prosecutors both, revealed this stunning exchange to Fox News.  Was the “secret society” a tongue-in-cheek reference?  Given the mind-boggling behavior of the top echelons at the FBI and DOJ these days, one can’t be too sure.

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