BREAKING!! SESSIONS In FULL PANIC!! Trump Just Discovered WHO Deleted FBI Text Messages!!

Attorney General Jeff Sessions was just questioned for hours about the Russian nonsense about them meddling with the election. That was a joke, but now Sessions might be in panic mode after what was just discovered about who deleted the FBI text messages. Even though the FBI released about 50,000 text messages that were shared between FBI’s investigator Peter Strzok and FBI Attorney Lisa Page, there was still a gap of messages that went missing. There are a few reasons why Strzok and Page wouldn’t want any of these messages revealed.

Any work related text messages were understood to happen, but the couple was having an affair. Page was Strzok’s mistress. If that information leak weren’t damning enough, then they would be shaking in their boots, even more, when the rest of the critical information is revealed. This information could involve anything from the secret society meeting that allegedly happened around the time of Trump winning the election, to Russian meddling and fake news, to an attempt to take Trump and his family out of the Presidency.

The lack of transparency and potential alienation of the FBI to the United States is overwhelming, and readers are head over heels with a ton of information to filter through. 50,000 text messages is a lot of deciphering. Then to find out there’s a potential five-month span that is missing? Well, that’s going to be a long few nights of reading. It might take a team of analysts to figure out what’s going on in all those text messages between Strzok and Page.

How does anyone get any work done if they’re texting 50,000 times?

Sessions will have to act upon this, which is exactly why he should be extremely nervous. Can you now see why Comey got out while he could? Sessions might also find himself being implicated in something. We won’t know until the five-month period of missing text messages is recovered.

The Gateway Pundit had more:
“This weekend the FBI released 50,000 text messages between top FBI Investigator Peter Strzok and his mistress and top FBI Attorney Lisa Page.But the FBI told Congress thousands of text messages between the two agents were deleted during a five month period from December 2016 to May 2017.

The premier international intelligence agency said they lost them.

The FBI “lost” five months of text messages between Chief FBI Investigator Peter Strzok and his mistress and FBI Attorney Lisa Page.

The two agents were using Galaxy S5 phones preloaded with the Samsung Knox security suite.

Reporter Jack Posobiec says the text messages could not have been deleted, altered or disabled by anyone other than an FBI system expert.”

Jack Posobiec is notorious on Twitter and very much hated by liberals in Philadelphia, my hometown. The liberals who I’ve talked to, or read comments on social media from, dislike Jack because he consistently points out truths that are trying to be covered up. To point out the primary security system of the Galaxy S5 phone is something that most people wouldn’t look up, know, or think about. Once Jack Posobiec points this out, then people’s minds wonder about what’s happening. If the FBI investigator and attorney were using that phone, and it’s a generic security suite which might provide backups or traces of deleted text messages, then people will immediately ask “where are the phones” and “are we investigating the phones yet?”

Once people realize that the Knox security suite may have been held, but then only truly deleted by an FBI systems expert, then that’s where the lack of trust and inability to be transparent comes to play. People will need and want the truth. People will expect someone to discover more information, but it often takes a team of independent people putting their name on the line for the sake of transparency and justice. Jack just did that, and now the doors are opening wider for the purpose of an investigation.

Washington Examiner talks more about recovering lost text messages from the phone:
“A sharp digital forensic expert may still be able to recover them,” said Andrew Ziem, creator of BleachBit, the software that Hillary Clinton subordinates used to clear information from her private server. “In general whenever any software deletes any information, traces are left on the storage device, though they become disorganized like the proverbial needle in the haystack.”

Ziem said that “success requires physical access to at least one of the unlocked devices, and it depends whether the messages were accidentally or intentionally erased, as well as other factors. As the device is used over time, the chances of accidental overwriting become more likely, and because so much time has passed since the critical period in the Strzok-Page case, success is not likely. On the other hand, individual text messages are small, so maybe a few survived.”

Investigators “may be able to recover deleted text messages from the cellphones used by the parties,” agreed Dennis Williams, a ‎partner at ‎Pathway Forensics LLC who worked three decades with the FBI, including as director of the Greater Houston Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory.”

The key is to find the cell phones and have an independent forensics and technology group study, investigate, and uncover the lost text messages from the specific five-month period.

Sessions must be freaking out. He knows he has to deal with this, but there’s always the possibility that he gets dealt with as a response.

Will Sessions push forward and demand the phones be located and investigated? Or will he turn the other cheek and get out as Comey did?

This is going to be huge. What is your prediction for what happens next?

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