Libs Want Classic Book Every Student Reads Banned Because It’s ‘Racist’

Over centuries, the United States of America has established an artistic and cultural heritage that has drawn international respect and acclaim, and can be said to be distinctly “American.” However, some liberals are now claiming that our country’s many cultural touchstones are somehow “racist” and “offensive.”

The most recent idiotic example of this is the much-cherished Harper Lee novel To Kill A Mockingbird, which follows a young girls’ coming of age in the South and tackles the issue of racism. Generations of high school students in our country have read and enjoyed this great novel.

However, now liberal parents are trying to get this classic book banned from high school curricula because they think it’s “offensive.” One left-wing parent named Tujama Kameeta who lives in Monona, Wisconsin just pushed her son’s high school into doing a formal review over whether the book is “bigoted.”

Claimed Kameeta in a statement,  “The n-word is used so many times that it numbs the readers to its potency. Reading the book just perpetuates racists thoughts and attitudes in a school district that actively discriminates against children of color.”

The liberal added, “We feel they are actually teaching kids to use racial slurs. They haven’t grown up seeing those words used that way. They’re learning to put those words together to use them for power over people of color.” She also added that the books’ character Atticus Finch “reinforces the Hollywood stereotype of the white savior.” Do you think this narrow-minded liberal needs to learn what great literature is and not get “offended” by everything?

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