Antifa Crash Cernovich’s ‘A Night For Freedom’

Mike Cernovich and the Merchant Right partied with Chelsea Manning last night at ‘A Night for Freedom’ in New York City. Antifa showed up and nearly killed a 56-year-old man.

As much as I hate these people, it is the same old story of no platforming and Antifa violence. The violence emanates exclusively from the Left. It is a miracle that Antifa haven’t killed someone yet. In this case, the elderly victim hit his head on the curb and went into cardiac arrest.

In Trump Trends: Leftwing Political Violence, I explored this huge upswing in Antifa violence. I found that it started at the Trump rallies between Antifa and MAGApedes in early 2016. The Alt-Right didn’t enter the fray until the backlash after MILO’s Berkeley event was disrupted in March 2017. Like the disruption of the Deploraball a year ago, the violent disruption of Cernovich’s ‘A Night for Freedom’ shows the Alt-Right isn’t a necessary element and Antifa lashes out at multiple targets in opposition to free speech.

Source: Occidental Dissent

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