Maxine Waters Threatens Republicans Who Refuse To Call President Trump Racist

Maxine Waters

Maxine Waters warned Republicans that they will have to ‘pay the price’ if they don’t call President Trump a racist.

“His Republican colleagues know that he’s a racist, they know that he is not capable of providing leadership for this country, they know that he has alienated our allies, and they know that he’s wrapped his arms around Russia and Putin,” said Waters during an interview with MSNBC’s Joy Reid.

“And so, they cannot credibly come before the American public and defend him. They’re all shrinking in the background,” said Waters.

“They don’t want to confront him or do what the people elected him to do and that is even insure that we have a president that is capable, competent and sane–otherwise he should be impeached. And so, if they don’t step up to the plate, the American public is going to have to force this issue of what to do about this president,” said Waters.

“Yes, they’re in hiding. Yes, they don’t know how to deal with this issue. Yes, some of them are intimidated by him–only thinking about their re-elections, but the fact of the matter is they are all going to have to pay a price for the fact that they are allowing this president to mislead this country and to continually divide us and to roll out with these racist statements,” she said. Are you sick of the media calling President Trump a racist? Should Maxine Waters retire? Check out the video below.

Source: Conservative 101

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