Idiot Libs Believe That MLK Got Into A Twitter Fight With President Trump, The Reactions Are Hilarious

Liberals showed that they are willing to believe just about anything negative that they hear about President Trump. Even that he got into an online twitter fight with Martin Luther King, who has been dead for over 50 years. Surprisingly, the man pointing out this liberal idiocy is Jimmy Kimmel.

“It’s President Trump’s first MLK Day in office, and we wanted to do something special to commemorate that, so we went out on the streets this afternoon and we asked people, ‘Who’s side are you on in the Donald Trump-Dr. King Twitter war,” said Kimmel.

“Of course, Dr. Martin Luther King has been gone for 50 years, but did that stop people from weighing in on this impossible feud? No, it did not.” said Kimmel.

We then see the footage of an interviewer asking questions and random people responding. “We’re talking to people today about the big Twitter war that’s going on between Donald Trump and Dr. Martin Luther King. Why do those two not get along?” asked the interviewer.

“Well, it seems like Donald Trump isn’t really into, African-Americans, we’ll say. You know, obviously,” responded one young woman. “Was it wrong of Martin Luther King to call President Trump a ‘fish-eyed fool jive turkey’?” asked the interviewer. Check out the video for yourself below.


Source: Conservative 101

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