Joy Reid Gets Crushed By Pro-Trump Pastor Over Illegal Immigration

Joy Reid

MSNBC’s Joy Reid had guest, Pastor Burns, a black pro-Trump pastor. She tried to argue that he can’t be a true ‘man of God’ if he is against illegal immigrations. Pastor Burns completely crushed her for this.

“How can you, as a man of God, justify sending people back to such a country if the country is so broken? How can you justify sending people back to that country?” asked Reid.

“This is not about sending people back to their country. We are talking about taking care of America first. Joy, it is not the responsibility of the United States of America to be the United States of the global world,” said Pastor Burns.

“This is the United States of America. You, Joy, I, am American. The President of the United States’ job, his vow and oath, was to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, and the citizens of the United States,” Pastor Burns said.

Joy Reid commented that by not accepting illegal immigrants “we are sending them to die.” Pastor Burns had the perfect response. “Do you believe that millions of dollars that we send to Haiti and those other countries, wouldn’t that money do good here in America? Wouldn’t that money do good for other African Americans? Let’s talk about the black mothers, let’s talk about the black fathers, let’s talk about the black single moms in America,” he said.

Source: Conservative 101

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