Obama’s Deep State in Panic: ‘Secret Societies’ Still Exist…BUT

Obama's Deep State

Deep State in Panic: ‘Secret Societies’ Still Exist Today

Thanks to those that really enjoyed and further researched the David Adair report I issued this past weekend and the several new subscribers now onboard today. Note: BDR subscribers are located in 5 known countries, but is forwarded worldwide by dedicated main deck subscribers and further read around the world with the help of Twitter, ConPats, and Beforeitsnews.com.

This email today is coming to you from Paris France while I sit in my bunker here in Arizona. The videos below might have German and French advertisements, but let me comment about David Adair and the few that emailed me to say the “story is fake because David Adair would have been assassinated for speaking-out, therefore his story is B.S.”

All I can say to you few, thanks for your input, but if you believe that to be true…where are your facts that he would’ve been killed? David Adair kept quiet for many years, but (hello) there has been a major push for “Disclosure” since the 90′s and a congressional hearing on the matter, which David told the SAME EXACT event(s) to congress ! Therefore….you missed that part because you jumped to a conclusion based-on your own perceived reality and you did NOT watch the entire video interview. However, I really enjoyed the one debunker / flat earther’s comment at the bottom of the published article though….nearly 7,000 views so far and they keep coming.

Folks….most of you are awake and you know that government(s) have been lying to the public on almost every subject matter to date. That is why there is such a bombardment on the state-run corporate fakestream media, by the real truth media….debunking their own lies. SURE…we get it wrong once in a while, but remember, the CIA’s Cold War “Operation Mockingbird” was re-established by Obama to allow mainstream media to lie and counter the truth by any means necessary through propaganda. One of (our) biggest achievements, besides helping Trump get elected, which Russia is being blamed….the best one to date is the debunking of SNOPES.

The “deep State” are in a panic and that can be seen daily as “trolls” hit the various social media outlets with their nonsense, i.e., “there is no Deep State” while others combine the “Shadow Government” together, which is not the case. Basically….the “Shadow Government” is the “Military Industrial Complex” (including the Secret Space Program) that President Eisenhower warned Americans about, which JFK went-on to discuss “Secret Societies” that still exist today. “Skull and Bones” is just one clear example of indoctrination of future presidents (Bush’s) into being puppets of the world globalist mafia that run most every country on earth via a “Shadow Government.”

George Soros or Rothchild et al, sitting in Basel Switzerland or London, can pick up the phone with a speed dial to the CIA head and ask for anything (he) wants….be it a hit on a foreign leader, or the request to help remove an associate from the United States, while (maybe) a bogus electric shutdown of an airport happens at the same time an Israeli cargo jet is the only one allowed take-off from Atlanta(?)

What evolves from an indoctrinated puppet president (and others)….the “Deep State” of selected leaders run most every agency in the United States, including imbedding operatives inside the State Department and corporate media. THEIR puppets cover-up crimes against humanity, collusion, illegal arms sales, drug trafficking, child trafficking, pedophilia, illegal donations to one’s own charity, kickbacks from selling-off public lands to foreign governments, bogus treaties, potential carbon taxes, money laundering, rigged voting, racial division tactics, and the take-down of a sitting president that exposes them for what they are. …..Evil, sadistic sub-humans that need to be in orange jumpsuits at the far southeast side of Cuba.

Source: News To Me

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