MSNBC Tells It’s Viewers To Ignore Discredited Evidence In ‘Fire And Fury’

MSNBC Tells It's Viewers To Ignore Discredited Evidence In ‘Fire And Fury’

Michael Wolff’s book, ‘Fire and Fury’ has become more and more discredited by the day. As the book loses it’s credibility, MSNBC decided to defend it by saying that the evidence in the book ‘less important’. What matters is the overall message of the book.

So basically, they are saying that they have a negative narrative against Trump. This book panders to the message and makes them feel good. The truth is irrelevant. “Well, I think the book is a bombshell without question, Alex,” said MSNBC guest James Peterson appeared on “Live With Alex Witt”.

“But it’s more of a bombshell in terms of confirmation as opposed to any kind of revelation. You don’t need ‘Fire and Fury’ to understand that this president behaves himself like a child at times. All you have to do is follow his Twitter feed,” he said.

“You don’t need to understand that this White House has been chaotic, from a book, you can see the chaotic nature of this White House by the way it’s prosecuted its agenda over the course of the last year. So the evidentiary piece of the book is to me less important,” he said.

“The American people can look at what’s going on, can look at the President’s Twitter feed, can look at the ways in which policy has been enacted by this administration, by the ways in which people have been fired and the sort of revolving door of the administrative staff itself. There’s evidence in the public sphere that this book might confirm that I think makes it believable. So the believability factor I think is evidentiary in the actual practice of the Trump administration,” said Peterson. Isn’t real evidence supposed to matter? Check out the video below.

Source: Conservative 101

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