BREAKING!! Trump Just Did It To BLACKS!!

Trump with black voters


Islamophobic, racist, sexist, bigot; those are the grown-up names that we are called by the liberal bullies if we don’t do what they want, and nobody gets called those names more often than President Donald Trump. What it’s up to you and me to decide is if that’s just name calling, or if any of it is true. Even though it’s sometimes hard to remember the real meanings of these words before they were re-defined in order to be of more use to social justice warriors, they all boil down to one thing; hatred and prejudice toward a group that has done nothing to deserve it.

If we look at the actual facts in the case of President Trump v. Prejudice, it becomes painfully apparent that there’s been a lot of embellishment by the mainstream media and the liberals hosting it when it comes to President Trump’s actions toward minorities, women, etc. In fact, some would say that President Trump has facilitated women moving up in the world. From his campaign manager being the first woman to lead a Presidential campaign to victory to his female lead communications team, he seems to be doing the logical thing and placing the most qualified person in each position, regardless of their gender.

But what about race, you might be thinking. Well, according to Dan Calabrese if Herman Cain, if he’s a racist, he’s a really bad one. The most recent unemployment numbers, black people are getting more jobs, and flourishing under the Trump Administration:

“I recall that during the campaign, Donald Trump visited a predominantly black church in Detroit, having been invited by the pastor to speak there. For this, liberal black activists excoriated him – claiming that going to speak at this black church made Trump a racist. How’s that? Because by speaking to them but not necessarily agreeing with their political agenda, Trump was just using them as a political prop.

Got that? Don’t ever engage with anyone you might not agree with. That’s a terrible thing to do. And if those people are black, then you’re a racist.

Maybe Trump really is an incompetent president, because if his goal was to do harm to black people, he’s blowing it:

Years of steady hiring and economic growth have delivered a cumulative benefit for at least one group that hasn’t always shared in America’s prosperity.

The unemployment rate for African-Americans fell to 6.8 percent in December, the lowest level since the government began tracking such data in 1972. The reasons range from a greater number of black Americans with college degrees to a growing need for employers in a tight job market to widen the pool of people they hire from.

Now the black unemployment rate is, of course, higher than for the population as a whole. It’s been that way for a very long time and when the day comes that this stops being true, that will be a wonderful development – provided, of course, it’s caused by the black rate going down and not the overall rate rising to meet it.

But what we can say from these numbers is what left-wing activists so often miss, but which should be obvious to people with basic common sense: The primary need of the black community is the same as the need of everyone else – a growing economy that offers more opportunity for people who need it. When you’re part of a demographic that’s already struggling, the worst thing that can happen to you is economic stagnation or contraction. The best thing that can happen is widespread prosperity because that’s going to create more opportunities for the people in your demographic group to improve their individual situations.

Having said that, every individual black person who needs a job or some other improvement in circumstances has to make good decisions, maintain good habits and be relentless in pursuing the opportunities society offers. The improving economy appears to be improving the chances of those who do this actually finding the opportunities they’re looking for. Those who don’t do these things are likely to continue to struggle, regardless of who is president. And that’s true regardless of the color of your skin. If you drink or use other drugs, get in trouble with the police, fail to show up and do your best when people expect you to – you’re going to have problems in your life.

Barack Obama did not provide such people with a way to succeed despite their bad habits. Donald Trump is not taking any such thing away from them.

But Trump is overseeing an economy that’s growing faster than anything we saw under Obama. You can dispute how much presidents have to do with economic growth, but the fact remains that greater overall prosperity is the best thing society can do to help the black community. It’s good to see so many in that community taking advantage of the broader prosperity we’re enjoying in the first year of the Trump presidency.

He’s pretty bad at being a racist.”

This is the real inconvenient truth; not everyone who disagrees with a liberal does it out of hate. Manipulation of the American people by calling those you don’t like names is a childish trick at best, and one that has just about run its course. The left seems to be depending on their constant manipulation of the major news networks to bail them out of the giant hole of lies that they’ve dug, but it didn’t work for Hillary and it’s doubtful that it will ever work again if President Trump’s stellar track record continues. We will be able to look around and see if American was made great again, and that’s something that’s going to be hard to cover up with playground rhetoric.

[H/T: Herman Cain]


Source: Freedom Daily

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