Bill Kristol Turns On Own Party To Endorse Oprah: She’s Better Than “Sanders, Biden, Warren, and Hickenlooper”

Bill Kristol

Liberals are going crazy over Oprah’s Golden Globes speech. Because for a liberal, all it takes to be a Presidential candidate is a nice speech. Bill Kristol who has recently been in the news for calling Republican tax cuts ‘creepy’ and for saying that Trump supporters defend slavery took to twitter to announce all the reasons that Oprah is better than any Democrat.

“Oprah.#ImWithHer,” he tweeted. “Oprah: Pro-regime change in Iraq (see her Oct. 9, 2002 show).#ImWithHer,” he tweeted later. “Oprah: Friend of Allan Bloom (see her show “How Dumb Are We?” from I believe 1988).#ImWithHer” he wrote.

“Oprah: Sounder on economics than Bernie Sanders, understands Middle America better than Elizabeth Warren, less touchy-feely than Joe Biden, more pleasant than Andrew Cuomo, more charismatic than John Hickenlooper.#ImWithHer,” he wrote. “Oprah: Younger than Sanders, Biden, Warren, and Hickenlooper,” he wrote.

“Oprah: Every Democrat to win the presidency in this century is from Chicago,” “Oprah: Pro-manliness.
(Oprah’s magazine on Mansfield’s “Manliness”: “Thoughtful, vexing and ultimately irresistible.”)” he tweeted.

“And, of course: Oprah came from infinitely more challenging circumstances than Trump, is wealthier than Trump, has read more books than Trump, is more stable than Trump, and isn’t under investigation by the Justice Department unlike Trump,” he tweeted. So are you convinced to vote for Oprah now? Me neither.

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