Steve Bannon Eats Crow And Asks Trump’s Forgiveness

Steve Bannon Eats Crow And Asks Trump's Forgiveness

This is just sad.

By my count, Steve Bannon has called us “losers” and “a fringe element” and “a collection of clowns.” Recently, he went even further and said we were “beyond clowns.”

Sloppy Steve has now apologized to Donald Trump. Naturally, the apology wasn’t accepted by that raging narcissist and he could be on the verge of being fired by Breitbart. Everyone from Matt Drudge to Stephen Miller to Alex Jones is now sticking the knife in Sloppy Steve.

Yeah, I think I would rather be a “fringe element” than be a part of this team. At least I can say exactly what I think without about these people without a filter.


Source: Occidental Dissent

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