CNN Still Obsessing Over White Truck Story, See Their New Conspiracy Theory


CNN has been obsessing over a white truck that blocked their view while they attempted to secretly videotape Trump golfing. They reported on this 23 times and did a painstaking investigation to find out the man behind the driving the white truck.

All this left Americans scratching their heads, wondering if CNN really has nothing better to report on. At first CNN blamed the Secret Service for purposefully attempting to block their view of Trump. The Secret Service “is in the business of protection and investigations not in commissioning vehicles to block the media’s view of the President’s golf swing,” the Secret Service responded.

CNN finally figured out that the truck belonged to the sheriff’s office. But still, they aren’t done. Now there have been trees planted where CNN records Trump’s golf game. And now we get another conspiracy video!

“Today, CNN news cameras did not get any video of President Trump playing golf, and here’s why. Where CNN cameras were once positioned, trees appeared. Yes, new trees are being planted there,” whined CNN host Ana Cabrera.

“If you wanna’ play golf, just golf. What’s with the secrecy?” asked CNN host Cabrera. CNN has really lost their minds. They are definitely maintaining their reputation as the Fake News Network. Check out the video for yourself below.


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