Trump Started Speaking At Disney, SUDDENLY Liberal Thug Did Something Sick

Disney theme parks are supposed to be some of the most happiest places on earth. They are not when Liberals are around though. Check out this crazy liberal thug attacking an animatronic version of President Donald Trump at the Hall of President’s exhibit in Disney World.

You are about to witness one of the dumbest things you have ever seen. It is symbolic in its stupidity. Get ready to watch… Here you are. Go to the one-minute mark to see what happens.

Isn’t that ridiculous? This liberal protested a fake Donald Trump and chanted “Lock him up!” when the Trump animatronic began speaking.

Here’s what the speech usually sounds like without the sounds of liberal lunacy trying to drown it out.

As you can see, people were not happy about the intrusion and responded to the man that did it on twitter. Here are the conversations that happened.

The man’s reasoning is not very sound and said without any basis in fact that Trump is going to murder trans individuals and is ripping healthcare from children.

Next time I go to Disney World to see the Hall of President’s, I’m going to ask that they add a sign outside the exhibit that says the following: “Trigger Alert: You must be THIS normal to enter this ride.” 

Don’t want anyone else to go insane on a plastic version of Trump.

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