“The Trump ‘Resistance has to become a church that seeks converts” Says MSNBC


American Mirror reports:

Despite Trump’s obvious successes implementing campaign promises like tax cuts, rooting out ISIS, and bringing back jobs, Giridharadas believes “the resistance” has been effective in “protecting our institutions” in 2017.

“When you think about 2017, I think resistance was incredibly important, frankly, from my point of view. This president shattered every Democratic norm that people on both sides take for granted,” he alleged. “But if the movement that has done such a good job in 2017 at protecting our institutions only protects our institutions, I think they are going to miss an opportunity.”

The plan for progressives, Giridharadas argues, should be to take the resistance movement to people who allegedly don’t like them, tell those folks their way of thinking is wrong, and convince them to join forces against the president. The same president who just cut their taxes.

Notice how not one person on the panel refuted what he said! No fair and balanced here!

Source: 100 Percent

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