Kathy Griffin Now Blames Trump For Putting Her Life In Danger

Kathy Griffin


It was earlier this year that comedian Kathy Griffin got in trouble with the Secret Service when she staged a photo shoot of herself holding a severed, bloodied dummy head of Republican President Donald Trump and then published the photos on social media.

Griffin’s career suffered as a result of this disgusting provocation. She lost her annual high profile job co-hosting CNN’s New Year’s Eve celebration, and she has had the majority of her well-paid stand-up comedy gigs cancelled. Instead of taking stock of her grave error in judgment, Griffin is now blaming Trump for the fact that her career has been destroyed.

Complained Griffin about the flak that followed her severed head photos going viral, “But the president’s Twitter feed is the greatest programming director ever. The minute he tweeted that tweet about me, it was literally breaking news on every channel.” She whined, “It was very soon after the Comey firing. He [Trump] absolutely used me as a tool to distract from his bad news of the day. After that, I had to go offline because of the death threats. He didn’t use my handle in his tweet, so he didn’t have my followers coming after him.”

Kathy then claimed that her obvious publicity stunt would not have been a news story if not for Donald Trump. She said, “I think it would have been gone in a week without his tweet. Trump knows what would be perceived as something hysterical and he loves hysteria. There are millions of people who think I’m a member of ISIS to this day.”

The woman who joked about Trump getting murdered actually went so far as to blame the president for her life potentially being in danger. The comedienne griped, “They were thrilled to have someone come over and make fun of Trump. I wish I could tour in the U.S. without getting shot–I know I can’t. I was in the middle of a 50-city tour when the tweet happened. It was canceled in 24 hours.” Do you think Griffin might actually be nuts?

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