17 YO Black Kid Murdered In Washington, DC For His $200 Pair of Air Jordans

Black Kid Murdered

James Anthony Smith is Exhibit A of why the Black Lives Matter movement is a farce:

“All James Anthony Smith wanted for Christmas was a pair of bright red Nike Air Jordans. His mother paid $220 for the sneakers and gave her 17-year-old son his gift a bit early.

They went from store box to James’s feet without ever passing under the tree at his Southeast Washington home. The Ballou High School sophomore enjoyed them for four days.

On Monday evening, police said a gunman shot James on a basketball court at the Frederick Douglass Community Center. His mother, Benita Smith, said whoever attacked her son took the sneakers. He was found a block away, on a street, shoeless. He died less than two hours later at a hospital. …”

I roll my eyes when I hear “Black Lives Matter.”

In the black community, a black kid’s life isn’t worth a pair of tennis shoes he got for Christmas. That’s not our fault. We’re not responsible for the carnage in black neighborhoods. We prefer to avoid those areas altogether because black people have made them so dangerous. Notice that he was shot dead at the basketball court at the Frederick Douglass Community Center.

I’ve lost count of the number of shitlibs who have virtue signaled “Black Lives Matter” at me. At the University of Florida, they shouted down Richard Spencer’s speech. It would never occur to Richard Spencer though to shoot some random black kid for the sport of doing so. Instead, it is a heresy against political correctness for our public utterances on race to conform to the facts.

If these people really believed that “Black Lives Matter,” there would be a national outcry over James Anthony Smith whose death was so typical. They don’t care about this case though. Black lives don’t matter to other black people or shit like this wouldn’t constantly happen.


Source: Occidental Dissent

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