Morning Joe Just Praises Obama Care Then Gets Ripped Apart

Joe Scarborough

Former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough has lost all traces of having been a Republican ever since he began having a relationship with his liberal Morning Joe co-host Mika  Brzezinski.

Joe recently proved just how delusional and biased he has become by claiming that widely disparaged Obamacare is “extraordinarily popular.”

Said Scarborough on Morning Joe, “Even though the enrollment period has been cut in half, and even though the White House and the federal government run by Donald Trump and the Republicans in Congress have done everything to stop Obamacare, everything possible to destroy Obamacare, enrollment is almost as high as I believe last year.”

He went on, “It’s been extraordinarily popular, despite the fact that the federal government, Donald Trump, Republicans in the House, Republicans in the Senate are doing everything in their power to stop people from enrolling. Well, they’re doing it, and they’re doing it in pretty damn high numbers.”

Joe’s comments did not sit well with regular Americans, who pushed back forcefully. Wrote one internet commenter, “Joe (or Bobble as i like to call him) couldn’t tell the truth if it bit him in the azz. I’m still waiting for the truth about that intern that mysteriously died in his office and he resigned like a sneaky snake a couple months after that. I figure in another ten years or so they’ll he making movies about joe and his intern and shandra levy and her congressman. Pervs and douche bagss.” Do you think Scarborough has become delusional?

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