Kim Jong-Un Prepares Ballistic Missiles For Anthrax

Kim Jong-Un Prepares Ballistic Missiles For Anthrax

There’s plenty of groups around the world that are actively plotting to take America over. That has been demonstrated over the past several years as our borders have been flooded with illegal criminal immigrants and Muslim refugees with ties to terrorist groups. While those in itself are terrifying, the looming threat of potential war with North Korea is equally frightening, and it is just getting worse as the days progress.

Over the last several months, North Korea has been taunting the world by testing missiles that have the capability of reaching American soil, and with tensions between North Korea and the United States mounting the threat of them being launched is becoming more real. The tyrannical dictator Kim Jong Un has been threatening America with regular missile tests, and now North Korea has a new plan to take America down that could wipe out thousands in a blink of an eye.

As the threat of North Korea only grows, coastal states have started taking serious precautions to protect its citizens. Just earlier this week, we reported that Hawaii had just decided to enact their nuclear alarm system from the Cold War that has laid dormant for three decades.


Here is more Mercury News:

For the first time in more than three decades, an ominous warning siren blared across Hawaii earlier this month — an alarm that one day could mean a nuclear missile is about to hit.

The siren, a Cold War relic brought back in the wake of new threats from North Korea, is the centerpiece of the most wide-ranging campaign in the U.S. to prepare for a nuclear strike. Over the last few months, state officials have aired TV ads warning Hawaiians to “get inside, stay inside” if an attack is imminent. They’ve also held meetings across the islands to educate residents on the danger.

Especially after North Korea’s latest missile test, some experts believe California and the Bay Area — one of the closest U.S. metro areas to Pyongyang after Honolulu — should follow Hawaii’s example.

While some states such as California may have dismissed this plan they may rethink it after North Korea has announced that it has begun testing anthrax warheads on intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Here is more from Fox News:

North Korea is beginning tests on mounting anthrax onto intercontinental ballistic missiles that would strike the U.S., a report said on Wednesday just two days after the White House’s U.S. National Security Strategy stated Kim Jong Un is pursuing chemical and biological weapons.

The Hermit Kingdom is beginning experiments to test out if anthrax can endure immense heat and pressure it will have to endure when loaded into an ICBM and launched toward the earth’s atmosphere, Japan’s Asahi newspaper reported, citing an unidentified person connected to South Korea’s intelligence services.

“North Korea has started experiments such as heat and pressure equipment to prevent anthrax from dying even at a high temperature of over 7,000 degrees generated at the time of ICBM’s re-entry into the atmosphere,” the report stated. “In part, there is unconfirmed information that it has already succeeded in such experiments.”

On Monday, the White House released its U.S. National Security Strategy that said North Korea is “pursuing chemical and biological weapons which could also be delivered by missile.”

“North Korea—a country that starves its own people—has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons that could threaten our homeland,” the document said.

North Korea vehemently denied the report and accused the U.S. of cooking “up untruths as truths” and using biological weapons during the Korean War.

“Properly speaking, it is the U.S. stereotyped method to cook up untruths as truths, stubbornly insisting that black is white and fabricating anything for satisfying their aggressive greed,” the state-run Korean Central News Agency stated. “And the U.S. itself is an empire of evils full of plots, fabrications, lies, and deceptions.”

It added, “It is none other than the U.S., chattering on ‘morality’ and ‘civilization,’ the criminal state that massacred the Korean people by bacteriological weapons during the Korean War and inflicts sufferings upon the innocent people by continuing even now to openly use the internationally prohibited weapons.”

As North Korea continues to ramp up their efforts to attack America, we will be ready. The left has created this monster by appeasing Kim Jong-Un and others like him around the world so much so that Jong-Un thinks he can get away with this insane behavior. In the past, these sorts of actions would have caused Obama to give in and hand over whatever Kim Jong-Un wanted all call it “diplomacy,” but thankfully, those days are over.

No one wants nuclear war or for that matter biological and chemical war, but with President Trump at the helm, you can be sure our country will be the victor.

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