Newt Gingrich Hammers MSN For Supporting Antifa’s Violence

Antifa's Violence

After 13 members of Antifa were arrested in Berkeley for their violent attacks, the mainstream media continues to back them.

Now Newt Gingrich has called out MSN media saying that the longer the media excuses their violence, the more dangerous Antifa will become

“This was a clear, coordinated attack on innocent Americans exercising their rights to free speech, protest, and assembly. The victims of this attack were not advocating for hate, racism, or any other malign or violent philosophy. They were opposing communism – a political system which most Americans have opposed for decades,” Gingrich wrote referring to Antifa’s attack in Berkley.

“However, once again, members of the elite media have failed to condemn this violence – and instead have worked tirelessly to mute and downplay terror being committed by fellow liberals.”

“On Monday, NPR described the attack as “scattered violence,” claiming it was “unclear how the aggressors were aligned.” Even after NPR cited another journalist who said the violence was caused by members of the leftwing Antifa group, the network made sure to add that “the man being beaten may have been a member of the alt-right.”

“Prolonged silence about the Left’s violence is dangerous. It’s time for the national media to reflect and start condemning leftwing attacks just as vehemently as it does the brutality of Neo-Nazis, the KKK, and other hateful groups. Violence in all forms is wrong and must be harshly rebuked by all Americans.”

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