Secret Antifa Manual Revealed – You Gotta See THIS!

Antifa Manual

Here is the secret copy of the Antifa Manual that was recently exposed. The group is rumored to be funded by George Soros, as the Antifa anti-American movement gains speed and new recruits.

This copy of there aims and goals was found on the Evergreen College campus, and it’s contents are as shocking as they are disturbing and should be read by every American, so we can understand exactly what we are up against.

Antifa Manual

This manual explains why this group calls our President and his supporters “Nazis” or “racists” or “homophobes.” It’s not because Trump or his supporters are any of these things, it’s part of a campaign to shut down any opposition to radicals whose ultimate goal is a one world order and the destruction of America.

Antifa Manual

Antifa Manual

Average Americans can now see into the mind set of the radical left wing that hates and wants to destroy everything that America and Americans stand for. They clearly have no regard for free-speech and are willing to use any means necessary, including deceit, outright lies and of course, violence to achieve their ultimate goals of a New World Order.

The manual says that it’s important to gain control of the media through any means possible.

Added that some major media conglomerates like CNN are swinging to their side, but they have not gone far enough.

It’s no coincidence that CNN just published a fluff piece on Antifa: Unmasking the leftist Antifa movement

The CNN piece was clearly written by a Antifa sympathizer who portrayed the violent group in a positive light, over looking the fact that they have been caught attacking many innocent Americans.

Expect more of the leftist media to defend the violence perpetrated on Americans by the violent Antifa group. More of these fluff pieces on the Antifa group will be popping up over the coming months and years.

The manual then goes on to explain how to us the social media to slap down anyone who hold fascist viewpoints, by call them racist, homophobic, misogynistic.

Antifa Manual

Antifa Manual

Antifa Manual

Lastly they reveal their ultimate goal of a New World Order, and a New World Government where hatred and bigotry no longer exist. Just imagine that if Antifa could figure out a way through George Soros funded activity, to shut down the rights of every American using violence and hatred at tools, their dream might just be possible…until they wake up and realize of course, that most Americans don’t hate this country and aren’t interested in Antifa’s special brand of violence and chaos.

Antifa Manual

Antifa Manual

What do you think?

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1 Comment

  1. Thats not the actual antifa manual. I been tracking antifa and their materials for about six months now and I can tell you that does not have the language of antifa.

    This is the actual how to antifa manual.

    This one tell you how to from a black bloc.

    As you can see, I know alot about these guys. Email me at and tell all I know about these guys.

    Tom Stryker.

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