Media Bias Ignores Antifa Violence In Charlottesville

Antifa Violence

As usual the liberal media coverage of the violence at the right wing protest march yesterday in Charlottesville, Virginia was anti right and pro left.

While they attacked the American Right Wing by calling them Nazis and white supremacists, they completely ignored the from the armed “antifa” liberal counter-protesters who arrived at the scene threatening the protesters and other members of the public, and even attacked one reporter.

Caught on film and only published in an English paper named The Daily Mail, we see an “anti-fascist” counter-protester angry at a female reporter, who was from conservative website The Hill, and who was filming him so he punched her in the face!

The reporter, named Taylor Lorenz, released the video and wrote on her Twitter account, “The video cuts off at the end b/c some asshole came over and punched me in the face and kicked my phone for recording (I said I was press).” She continued, “I’m filing a charge against the guy for punching me but it’s slammed at the police station right now so prob nothing will happen.”

Lorenz later provided an update, saying, “Also people asking (I’m fine!) really fucking pissed at the guy who punched me mostly because he cut off my stream.” She added, “Turns out the guy who punched me in the face for recording after the incident already had a warrant out for his arrest. So he’s being held.”

What do you think?

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