Obama Left Trump A White House Full Of Roaches


Earlier this week a liberal journalist claimed that President Trump had said that the White House is “a real dump.” Trump denied making that statement, with Newt Gingrich confirming that he never said that.

What this liberal reporter should have said was that former President Obama left White House run down and full of cockroaches.

According to Freedom Daily, President Obama failed to maintain the tax payer owned mansion while he and his family lived there for last eight years. He deferred so much maintenance on the White House that it ended up getting infested with roaches.

It seems like the Obama’s didn’t mind living with the cockroaches….

University professor Martha Joynt Kumar witnessed these disgusting pests while visiting the White House while Obama was President and said, “It was the size of a small drone. I wanted to bag it so that the GSA would know what kind of issue we had. I chased it. But it got away behind some wiring.”

Do you think it’s disgusting that Obama and family enjoyed living with these bugs?

What do you think?

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  1. I knew they would leave it in disarray. I said it would take six months to really clean up after them and their friends and filthy visitors carried in these filthy bugs.he should be made to pay for clean up.

  2. Baltimore and Washington DC have such a gross roach and rat infestation that its no wonder. But if could get my condo in N Baltimore clean of them while roach sacks hung from the trees outside my window. Then the Obama should have been able to our White House protected.

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