Kid Rock Runs For Senate To Stand Up For The Working Man

Kid Rock

Kid Rock plans on running to be the next Senator from Michigan, and his bandmate Jimmie Bones is surprised but thinks that he can win.

Billboard interviewed Jimmie Bones who said his bandmate has a good chance of defeating incumbent Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) if he decides to officially enter the race.

“Y’know what? That f*cker could win, that’s what I think,” Bones said. “He could very well pull this off. A lot of people thought Trump couldn’t win and was just a joke, and lo and behold here we are. In Michigan… he could very well win.”

Kid Rock has announced voter registration drives but has yet to declare his candidacy for the US Senate, and incumbent Debbie Stabenow is worried.

Back in 2013 Kid Rock did an interview with former CNN host Piers Morgan. During that interview, it’s clear that Bob Ritchie, (Kid Rock) who is a rock star in more ways that one in the state of Michigan, has many similarities to President Donald Trump.

Piers Morgan starts out his interview by pointing out that after he and Kid Rock spent several hours together during his interview, when Rock was asked about his time with Piers, he responded, “Who the F**k is Piers Morgan?”

What do you think does Kid Rock have a chance of winning?

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