Conservative Lauren Southern Banned From Liberal Website

Lauren Southern

Lauren Southern, a Conservative Trump supporter was just banned from the crowdfunding website Patreon, because, as they stated, they believed her Conservative opinions could get somebody killed. Really!?!?

In an email sent to Patreon first describing how they loved freedom of speech, but not her freedom of speech.

The letter said, “Hi Lauren, My name is Max and I am a member of the Trust and Safety team at patreon. Here at Patreon we believe in freedom of speech. We are creating a platform that empowers creators to share and debate ideas. When ideas cross into action, though, we sometimes must take a closer look at what our creators are doing with the funds they earn through Patreon.”

“It appears that you are currently raising funds in order to take part in activities that are likely to cause loss of life. We have therefore decided to remove your page from Patreon, and paid out your final balance of $95.00 to you. We understand that this will come as a disappointment. Please know that we have come to this decision after a long review process and will not consider an appeal.”

The ‘activities’ they are talking about is her mission to report on Defend Europe.

Southern hit out against Patreon saying, “If the review process was so long and so thorough I’m wondering how they missed the small fact that 1. I am not partaking in the mission and had stated that on both my Patreon and YouTube. 2. Not a single dime I made from Patreon or any other platform was going towards the Defend Europe mission and 3. there is absolutely no intent to put lives at risk on this mission even if I were fundraising or taking part in it.”

“The only reason Patreon is doing this is because a radical leftist organization that have been spreading fake news about the mission in order to put the crew in harms way lobbied them for ages,” she added.

What do you think?

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