Alan Dershowitz Says Donald Trump Jr. Did Nothing Illegal

Alan Dershowitz

Alan Dershowitz, one of America’s top legal minds, has spoken out in defense of Donald Trump Jr., after liberal media such as The New York Times claimed that Donald Trump Jr. has committed treason by speaking with a Russian lawyer.

Once again the media has egg on their faces because Trump Jr. did nothing wrong. After all the false accusations, and  airing more fake news stories about Trump Jr.’s involvement with an alleged conspiracy with Russia, the media is once again wrong.

Dershowitz talked to Fox News from his own home to make his point.

You can see that Dershowitz is visibly angered by the media’s reactions to the meeting when he spoke with Niel Cavuto on FOX Business, saying, “There’s really no difference on the First Amendment between a campaigner using information obtained from somebody who obtained it illegally and the newspaper doing it. So, I think this is conduct that would be covered by the First Amendment.”

And it’s also not against the law.

While Dershowitz explained that although he didn’t agree with the meeting, he didn’t see anything illegal about the meeting having occurred.

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