Mark Levin Says We Now Have Collusion So The Democrats Should Be Happy

Mark Levin

President Trump has been under fire from both parties and the media for his posting on Twitter, as he says that he needs to set the record straight before the liberal media spin.

Mark Levin has come out swinging for the President, and did so brilliantly as we can see in this video.

Appearing on Fox News’ ‘Hannity’ show on June 26 he said, “I want to thank the president for something — he gets attacked for this. Thank you for taking on the media. It’s about damn time somebody did. Don’t stop tweeting. Be more careful with your tweets, but don’t stop tweeting because you’re able to go over the head of the media the way Reagan did with his speeches. He could be more careful. I don’t care. Are the media careful about what they report? No. In any event, I’m one of those — count me in the minority that says, ‘Keep at it, keep at it, keep at it.’”

It’s nice to hear from someone like Levin standing up for President Trump!

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