Trump Says The Democrats Have Become Obstructionists – Video

Trump Says The Democrats have become obstructionists

President Trump sat down for an interview with Fox and Friends that aired Sunday morning, where Trump talked about “the level of hostility” the Democrats have shown him and suggested their new theme should be “let’s get together, envelop.”

“One of the things that should be solved, but probably won’t be, is that Republicans and Democrats don’t get together.”

“I’m open arms, but I don’t see that happening. They fight each other. The level of hostility. And by the way, this isn’t just Trump. It’s been like this for years. You’ve been doing this for a long time.”

“It’s been like that for a long time. But the level of hostility — as an example, the health care bill that you are reporting on and that everybody’s reporting on, it would be so great if the Democrats and Republicans could get together, wrap their arms around it, and come up with something that everybody’s happy with.”

“It’s so easy, but we won’t get one Democrat vote. Not one. If we had the greatest bill ever proposed in mankind, we wouldn’t get a vote. And that’s a terrible thing. Their theme is resist. I’ve never heard of anything like this.”

And right after the interview aired Sunday morning, in what could not exactly be mistaken for an olive branch to Democrats, Trump tweeted that his former Democratic rival Hillary Clinton colluded with the Democratic Party to beat Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in the primary.

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