Pretty Boy Jon Ossoff Loses Election Now Nancy Pelosi Maybe History

Jon Ossoff Loses Election

The Democrats just lost another election in what is clearly a pattern that liberal media can’t seem to grasp.

Tuesday’s special election in Georgia was suppose to be a Democrat victory, but once again the left got it wrong and today they are crying the blues.

The liberal story went like this: the Republican cannot win, the poll numbers show the GOP candidate Karen Handel will lose and the Democrats will take what is deemed to be rightfully theirs.

Now Nancy Pelosi is facing her party wraith after the most expensive congressional race in history (paid for by George Soros) ended poorly for Jon Ossoff.

Democrat pretty-boy Ossoff lost handily to GOP contender Handel in a race to fill the seat vacated by Republican Tom Price, who was tapped by President Trump to work in his Health and Human Services Department.

Handel beat Ossoff by 5 percentage points, far different from the double digit lead living Ken Doll Ossoff supposedly had months ago and much better than the 1 percent difference reported by pollsters on election night.

The news left CNN in shell shock:

The reaction from other Leftist outposts of insanity were not so unemotional.

Reporter Ben Jacobs from the Guardian tweeted, “Brief and scattered shouts of ‘not my congresswoman’ at the Ossoff event”.

Glutton Rosie O’Donnell had a moment where she confused the President for the fact that her fridge door was finally shut, “DONALD TRUMP IS THE DARKNESS ITSELF #resistNOW”.

The sour grapes among the Left caused CNN to even cut away from Handel’s victory speech.

Just before the election, Handel said in an interview that, “There has definitely been a significant bias from the local media like nothing like I have ever experienced,” Handel said. “But I intend to have the last laugh when I win tomorrow.”

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