Sean Hannity Exposes The Deep State In This MUST Watch EXPLOSIVE VIDEO

Sean Hannity Exposes The DEEP STATE

The latest outrage against President Trump happened Thursday night, when five unnamed sources said that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is investigating Trump for obstructing justice. Minutes after the story broke, Fox News host Sean Hannity exposed the nasty secret Mueller and James Comey have been hiding.

In this MUST watch explosive video, Hannity lets Mueller and Comey know that their plan just backfired. Hannity explained that Trump now has LEGAL grounds to fire Special Counsel Mueller and END this ‘investigation’ once and for all.

“Robert Mueller, this guy has more conflicts of interest than, by the way, that we can count on this show, which are also violations of federal law,” Hannity said, according to The Hill. “Mueller and Comey have been close friends for a long time. Comey admitted he leaked the memo to The New York Times, to the press, hoping it would bring about a special counsel which, by the way, turned out to be his best buddy, his BFF Robert Mueller.”

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