Liberal Hatred Increases As There Are More Calls For Trump’s Assassination

More Calls For Trump's Assassination

There seems to be no stopping the left’s hatred for President Trump as we see in some horrifying stats that have just been released.

According to internet analytics firm Dataminr Statistics, there were more than 12,000 tweets calling for President Trump’s assassination within the first two weeks of taking the oath of office.

This truly horrifying! If Obama had these same stats, the media would be screaming about the hating right, but since it’s Trump, the media chooses to ignore it — and in some cases, even encourage it.

Liberal so called ‘tolerance’ could be seen across social media, with one user posting, “My life goal is to assassinate Trump. Don’t care if I serve infinite sentences. That man deserves to decease existing,” and another writing, “Maybe someone will be kind enough to assassinate Trump.”

The level of political hatred was so unusual the Secret Service was forced to re-examine its security protocols to deal with the sheer volume of threats facing the President, saying they were forced to focus on “people who have a true and genuine intent to do harm.”

assassinate trump tweet

assassinate trump tweet

assassinate trump tweet

Political hatred from the left in the Trump era has reached new heights, with politicians, celebrities, and activists literally calling for the President’s head.

This behavior from the left is despicable. We have people literally threatening the lives of our leaders. These disgruntled maniacs are forgetting that we put these leaders in office because America wants them there. Trump and his team are working non stop to fix the damage Barack Obama did over almost a decade.

We must demand a stop to these threats of violence against the President, his family and the GOP party. Leaders on both the left and the right side need to step forward and support our president and call for an end to this violence.

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