Sean Spicer Is Replaced By Sarah Huckabee Sanders As Press Secretary

Sarah Huckabee Sanders

The Gateway Pundit, is reporting that White House Spokesman Sean Spicer has accepted a promotion and that Sarah Huckabee Sanders has taken over his position as spokesman.

“The Gateway Pundit has recently learned from someone with very close ties to the Administration that Sarah Huckabee Sanders is slated to take over for current White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer. Our exclusive source declined a further request for additional information regarding Sean Spicer’s future role in the White House Administration,” wrote Pundit.

Spicer is reportedly the one to have suggested Sanders, the daughter of former Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, be given the role which she seems to have handled fairly well.

Spicer was a welcomed change in WH spokesmen. He was combative and very proactive. His straightforwardness was a great complement to his boss’s down-to-earth honesty.

It will be no easy time for Sanders, who will be stepping up to the podium at “a time when internal leaks have reached a peak”, wrote the Pundit.

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